Our History

Our talented Farmer Chester Kowalik has left a remarkable impression on the farming community and has built a reputation for proudly growing “Kowality” fruit for his family and customers.
When we first started farming in 1955, the family of Kowalik Farms knew that great tasting fruit needed 3 things: ideal climate, healthy soil and a talented farmer. We were fortunate to have all 3.
Chester, along with his wife Phyllis and their daughter Laura, opened Peach Country Farm Market in the summer of 1990 as a way for people near and far to enjoy their fruit. Laura is grateful that her children were able to grow up with the family farm and business experience.

Fast-forward to today, our family still continues the farming operation. Laura has successfully managed Peach Country Farm Market for 33 years alongside her daughter, Krystyna (4th generation). It is our extreme pleasures and honour to be winding down the retail era of our incredibly successful journey.
Farmer Chester will forever be remembered as the Peach King!